Informed Lending

Our custom models can determine origination risk and optimize lending decisions.


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Solutions Overview

Our solutions build on years of hand-on experience and focus on three core areas:  Loan Analytics, Security Analytics and Residential Housing Analytics. We conduct credit and market risk analysis with advanced statistical modeling techniques such as multinomial logistic regression. Our focus includes a balance of loan decisioning, performance monitoring and management of portfolio-level assets. This leads to RMBS securities and loan analysis that includes interest rates, prepayment and mortgage credit risk.

We offer pragmatic solutions based on deep experience for:

  • SolutionsOrigination Decision Models
    • Custom models to determine origination risk and optimize lending decisions.
  • Scorecards and Risk-Ranking
    • Custom models to provide "scoring" and relative risk-ranking
  • Loan Behavior Models
    • Unique models to predict loan outcome transitions (delinquent, prepay, default)
  • Cash Flow and Valuation
  • Loss Exposure Analysis
  • Repurchase Exposure Analysis
  • Loss Mitigation Analysis
  • Security Performance Review
  • Security Predictive Forecast
  • Residential Housing Analytics