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Know Your Risk

Know Montana Analytics

Montana Analytics is a focused quantitative risk management consulting firm. Our Principals have over 20 years experience in consumer credit and mortgage risk management. Since 2002, we have successfully served the mortgage industry with innovative risk modeling solutions. Our experience with credit and market risk management coupled with rigorous econometric analytics is our competitive advantage. We provide model risk management, analytical model development and mortgage valuation solutions. Our independent perspective enables us to provide unbiased results to our clients. Meet our Montana Analytics firm. test

Know Your Model Risk

BankModel risk management company Montana Analytics designs independent model validation solutions that give banks and financial service companies a unique perspective on their modeling tools.

Our model validation experience literally grew out of a focus on analytical model development, testing and implementation. Following years of advanced risk modeling, we began side-by-side with the “new” model validation industry as we tested internal corporate models in early 2002. Since then, the industry has matured into a more complete solution as Enterprise Risk groups enhanced oversight of models and increased audit scrutiny as pressure from Sarbanes-Oxley 404 resulted in more focus on model risk management surrounding key financial accounting items.

We have invested over 8 years developing superior model validation methods to ensure the most detailed and accurate assessment of model risk.

Today, we are aligned with all regulatory guidance and industry best-practices that ensure a comprehensive assessment of complex risk models. We embrace all guidance from the OCC, FDIC and the FHLBank system.

Merging the strength of our experience with the power of analytics, our clients can be confident that model risks are managed. Our independent perspective enables us to provide unbiased results to our clients. Learn about our Model Risk Management Program.

Know Your Analytics

Mortgage risk management company Montana Analytics develops solutions that give mortgage lenders and investors access to innovative modeling of residential loan performance. For more than 20 years, Montana Analytics has developed our experience with analytics and created competitive advantage, producing superior predictive tools to enable our clients to quantify risk at every stage of a loan’s lifecycle.

We’ve developed industry-leading econometric solutions with logistic and discrete-time hazard modeling techniques.

We offer methods to quantify risk exposure from individual loans to Billion dollar portfolio capital reserves. From this our clients can realize the most accurate predictive decisions. Our analytics become your solutions. See our Analytical Model Development.

Know Your Assets

BankMortgage risk management company Montana Analytics offers solutions that give mortgage lenders and investors access to detailed residential loan performance data. We have developed an extensive loan-level mortgage performance data warehouse that enables monthly asset analysis and dynamic modeling solutions. Our vast data warehouse spans millions of Prime, Alt-A and Subprime mortgage assets. We cover thousands of private-label securities and offer analytics and performance review at any level. Combining rich mortgage data with dedicated analysis, our clients can realize innovative performance monitoring. Our data assets become your solutions. Discover our data and analytics here.