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Industry Overview

The banking and financial services industry is broad and varied. It spans from relatively small, focused, private investment companies to giant corporate banking conglomerates.

Our Experience

Our core work experience has been linked to many of the nation’s top financial institutions, including various sized banks and finance companies.

The Bank group includes:

  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Wells Fargo
  • U.S. Bank
  • Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae
  • Federal Home Loan Banks

 Finance Companies include:

  • GE Capital
  • The Mortgage Insurance companies
  • ResCap (ex GMAC-RFC)

Our Focus

Our FocusMany of these larger institutions are challenged with updating and managing numerous (sometimes competing) models and analytical tools within a complex organization.

Our experience with these tools usually focuses on determining asset behavior and valuation through payment expectations.These include modeling for prepayment, default and loss, modeling servicing rights and numerous other analytics. We have also supported trading, hedging and managing portfolio retained risk.

The mid-sized banks and Credit Unions are numerous and have seen more focus in the risk management area as they have expanded teams and improved their analytics over time.

Our focus includes modeling for prepayment, default and loss, as well as loss exposures and other analytics.

Regardless of the size of the institution, we provide loan origination analysis and scoring solutions to help assess risk and manage operational challenges. Additionally, we provide advanced model risk management and model development to firms who may be resource constrained.

Hedge funds and private investment companies are perhaps more focused on assets and securities. We provide performance reporting, analytics and custom models based on our data warehouse.