Montana Analytics is pleased to announce the release of rigorous independent Model Validation Program which serves as a compliment to their Model Risk Management advisory services. The company’s efforts have been focused on comprehensive and rigorous analysis of a variety of risk models and full attention and compliance with FHFA and OCC regulatory requirements. More »


Montana Analytics is a dedicated consulting firm focused on quantitative modeling and model risk management.

Since 2002, we have successfully served the financial industry with innovative risk modeling solutions.

Our 60 years of combined experience with credit and market risk management, coupled with rigorous econometric analytics, create a formidable competitive advantage for our company — and for yours.

We offer deep experience and pragmatic solutions to analytical challenges in model risk management.

With our origin in Montana, far away from industry noise, and our business centers in Minneapolis and Chicago, our independent perspective enables us to provide unbiased results to our clients.

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Know your risk


Model Risk Management

We offer independent model validation on both internally developed quantitative models and external vendor models.

Analytical Model Development

Using our vast data warehouse, we develop and test behavioral models to predict all facets of loan performance. We track almost 3,000 MBS/ABS deals and millions of loans.

Asset Valuation Analytics

We offer guidance, testing and analytics for loan and security performance and valuation.


We offer pragmatic solutions based on deep experience for the following:

  • Origination Decision Models
  • Scorecards and Risk-Ranking
  • Loan Behavior Models
  • Cash Flow and Valuation
  • Loss Exposure Analysis
  • Repurchase Exposure Analysis
  • Loss Mitigation Analysis
  • Security Performance Review
  • Security Predictive Forecast
  • Residential Housing Analytics